Back to Basics Play Craft Kit Review

Back to Basics Play gifted us a craft kit bundle in exchange for an honest review of her kits! We love crafts over here, especially right now, so we were pretty thrilled to do this. Go check out her beautiful feed of creativity on Instagram!

A Little Background:

My daughter, Eisley, is almost 4 and wants to do EVERYTHING on her own right now. I’m still learning to let her take the lead a little bit more. With these craft kits, I did my best to let her get creative and lead the direction.  

First Impression:

I received a large brown bag with 7 separate craft kits. Everything was nicely organized and packaged well. The directions for each craft were neatly typed out and stapled to the bag. This was thoughtfully curated with quality materials and beautiful color pallets, making it just as exciting for the adults to dig into. 

Glitter Egg:

This was a nice a simple craft to start with! This kit includes a cardboard egg, pieces of streamer, glue and glitter. I covered the egg in glue then let Eisley go to town covering it with the streamer pieces. Once the egg was covered, I had Eisley sprinkle glitter onto the egg. It turned out looking so pretty and we currently have it displayed on our windowsill!

Chalk Marker Tracing:

So I messed up on this one. I took out the chalk markers and misplaced the bag that the transparency paper was in that inevitably was thrown out. Luckily I had some tracing paper on-hand so we were still able to do this! I asked Eisley what picture she would like me to print out and she replied, “a beautiful cat.” (“Hey all you cool cats and kittens!” Sorry, had to!) So we printed out this beautiful cat. 

Eisley has enjoyed letter tracing so far so she really enjoyed tracing the cat’s face and whiskers. I gave her very little direction and she went to town tracing this. She spent about 10 minutes on this one, but I’m sure we will be doing this again in the future! These chalk markers are versatile and good quality. You can use them on windows, mirrors and, Back to Basics’ suggestion, a cookie sheet! We will be trying that today. 

Build a Scene:

This sensory activity was the cutest and so many options for continued play. I helped Eisley set up the clay then she did all of the decorating. She had so much fun setting up the tiny trees and pressing the beads and little toys into the clay. We decided it was a fairy Forrest. We left this out for the day and she kept coming back to it and moving things around. This will be coming back out again very soon!

Baking Sensory Kit:

This was super fun and adorable. It came with a silicone cupcake liner, play dough, candles, beads, and pieces of pipe cleaner. I gave no direction for this, Eisley knew exactly what to do. This craft was another that we left out most of the day. She wanted to play with it again the next day too! I think it’s safe to say this one was her favorite. 

Yarn Sticks:

I enjoyed the simplicity of this craft and that you could get creative with it. The yarn that comes in this kit is so decorative and pretty! Eisley wrapped one stick then decided the second one just needed a little tiny piece of string. She carried them around throughout the day, pretending they were magic wands. We will be adding some random objects next time we pull this craft out!

Loose Parts Embroidery:

This craft was one I started setting up and Eisley just had no interest in trying it. I will keep it on-hand for myself or for when Eisley is in the mood to try something new!

Mallet Board:

I will admit that I was a little worried about these tiny pins when we started this craft/activity but there were no injuries! It just requires a bit more supervision than the other kits. Eisley had a little bit of trouble getting the pins started so I helped her with that and she  finished them off with the mallet that was included. She thought this was SO fun! She kept coming back to this throughout the day and adding new things. We ended up adding a few thumbtacks of our own to this as well.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this craft kit bundle was a great experience for us and kept us occupied for a while! I took out one craft per day so it has been fun to try some new things throughout this crazy quarantine. All of the materials were very good quality and you definitely get your money’s worth of crafting! I loved that most of these crafts are able to be repurposed or put away to pull back out another day. The price for this bundle of 7 kits is $50. So that comes out to a little over $7 per kit which is a great deal! I would highly recommend these kits to anyone looking for some fun things to do with their preschool-aged child.

To purchase this craft kit bundle, go to Back to Basics Play’s Instagram account and send her a direct message. Enjoy!

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