Witches Brew

My daughter loves pretending to be a witch, so when I found this adorable, vintage tea set in my grandparents garage, it inspired me to create this DIY witchy tea time for us! I’ve broken down the activities below so you can recreate them too!

Witch Finger Cookies

First, I prepared the green cookie dough to make these witch finger cookies using this recipe. Then, I had Eisley help me shape creepy fingers with the dough. We didn’t have any almonds so I cut peanut M&M’s in half and used those for the fingernails instead. This recipe turned out really good, although next time I will make them a bit skinnier as they expanded more than I expected them to.

Halloween Garland

I quickly created these printable halloween garland templates using Adobe stock images. I cut them out and used them as stencils for the felt sheets.

Once each felt silhouette was cut out, I punched a small hole on either side of them. I strung a sting through each of them to create the garland. Lastly, I looped each end so it would be easy to hang. That’s it!

Template 1

Bat & pupmkin stencils

Template 2

Ghost & cat stencils

Magical Witch Brooms

These turned out cuter than I expected! Eisley loved decorating these and playing with them.

  • Wooden Dowel or Stick
  • Stickers or small decorative pieces to glue (pom poms, gems, beads, etc.)
  • Washi tape 
  • Felt
  • String
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors

Take one sheet of felt and create vertical cuts that stop 2/3 of the way up and spaced about .5” apart. Place the uncut portion onto the bottom of the dowel. Glue and roll it around the wooden dowel. Tie the string around the uncut portion for a decorative look. Have your child decorate the broom with stickers, Pom poms, gems and beads or whatever you have on hand. Commence witchy play!

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