First Day of School Wooden Sign Tutorial

I was gifted some lovely wood cutouts from Woodpeckers Crafts and I was excited to get started on my first project! I chose this wooden apple cutout along with some other festive cutouts I’ll reveal at a later date!

I’ll break this project down step-by-step for you so you can make your own wooden signage for any season or event!

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  1. First, I painted the entire apple red with acrylic paint. I mixed a few paints together to reach my desired tone.

2. Let your base coat dry (this will not take long) and apply a second coat for full coverage if you wish.

3. Now you’ll want to either create your design in Adobe Illustrator or find an SVG design you like to create your stencil. You can find SVG files for sale in the Cricut app or on Etsy.

4. Cut your design out on your Cricut using removable vinyl.

5. Remove surrounding vinyl from the backing.

6. Now you’ll want to cut out a piece of Cricut Transfer tape large enough to cover your design. Remove about an inch along the top of the transfer tape from the backing and line up at the top of your design. Slowly remove more of the backing and press it onto your design as you go.

7. Using the Cricut scraper, press down firmly and drag along the top of the transfer tape to get the vinyl design to adhere to it well.

8. Slowly start lifting an edge of your transfer tape to see if it has adhered to your design.

9. Now take your transfer tape with your vinyl design attached and line up onto your wood cutout and press down firmly. Use your Circut scraper to press down and drag along the top of the transfer tape to get the design to stick onto the wood. You may have to try a few times to get it to stick properly.

10. Remove the transfer tape and your vinyl design should have adhered to your wood cutout.

11. Paint a different color overtop of the entire wood cutout. I chose this crushed coral color from Folk Art.

12. Once the topcoat is dry, remove your vinyl letters using your weeding tools.

13. Your final design will be revealed!

14. To finalize this project, I drilled 2 holes on either side of the apple. I then strung some beads onto some bakers twine. Lastly, I secured the beaded handle to the wooden apple. And that is one way to create your own First Day of School Sign to use in photos! I hope this was easy to follow. Please feel free to message or comment if you have any questions!

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