Hopscotch City started as a resource for budget friendly, events for kids in Chicago. Between COVID and a big move back to Pennsylvania, Hopscotch City has evolved into a blog centered around kid crafts and activities!

My name is Rosemary Pritchard and I am married with 2 little girls. I have a passion for art and design and left my job as an art director to raise my babies. I love having this blog as a creative outlet and my kids love trying all of the activities. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration to create!

Photo by Matt Hathaway

Hopscotch City Gives Back

Giving back is important to me for so many reasons. One being that I believe everyone should have their most basic needs met, no matter their circumstance. I contribute what I can to help make the world a little bit better. In 2021 Hopscotch City gave back over 50% of proceeds from our Etsy sales to various organizations throughout the year.

Donations in 2021 went to:
Hope for Haiti, inc., The Bail Project, and Reparations

If you would like to collaborate with me or you just want to connect, please reach out to me via email: Hopscotchcityinfo@gmail.com