Free Printables

MLK, Jr. Coloring Sheet

Print & color! Scan the QR code with your phone afterwards to watch a short video about Martin Luther King, Jr. by Kid President.

Elf on the Shelf Adventure

Cut out the top right envelope and glue accordingly. Cut out the individual squares. Pick 1 card per day and have your Elf deliver the adventure of the day to your littles! Blank cards included to write in your own adventures.

Turkey Printable

Cut out turkey and create feathers however you choose! Here are some ideas for crafting:

  • Paint coffee filters, fold in half and attach to turkey
  • Glue feathers to paper around the turkey
  • Attach colorful leaves to the turkey
  • Have your child draw their own feathers
  • Don’t forget to tag us if you use this template!

Pie Printable

Cut out and create your own pieces of pie! Here are some ideas for crafting:

  • Glue different paper shapes to the pies to resemble different flavors
  • Color and string into a garland
  • Paint and glue cotton balls to the top to resemble whipped cream
  • Use dot markers to decorate & resemble filling
  • Poke holes around the pie and use as a threading activity

Mermaid Letters Printable Alphabet

Writing practice, flash cards, matching game or craft project!

Resin Letters Pictured from Mama & OG

Rainbow Glasses Printable Activity

Works best printed on heavy cardstock.

Emotions Cube Printable Download

Color then cut out along the outer edges. Crease along the lines to create a cube and glue to secure. Toss the cube then act out the

Día de los Muertos Printable Mask

Day of the Dead printable mask. Print, decorate, cut and wear. We would love to see your creations! Don’t forget to tag us in your photos.

Rocket Ship Printable

Free rocket printable – print, color & play!

Tip: After your little one colors the rocket, cut it out and glue it to a toilet paper roll. Commence play!

Reward Chart Download

Weekly sticker chart to encourage good behavior.

Where The Wild Things Are Monster Mask Download

Outline Only Download

Full Color Version Download

All printables have been illustrated and designed exclusively for Hopscotch City. They should not appear on any other websites in a downloadable fashion, for free or for sale. Copyright Hopscotch City 2020.