DIY First Day of School Banner

I created this DIY no-sew, felt banner for my daughter’s first day of pre-k!


  • Felt
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Iron
  • Iron on letters/patches

1. Fold felt in half lengthwise. You can iron it to make it easy to see the fold.
2. With the felt still folded, start from the bottom right corner and cut diagonally towards the fold to create the pendant shape on the bottom.
3. Unfold and cut the pendant in half lengthwise along the fold. Repeat for your second color.
4. Using a hot glue gun, glue the two halved pendant pieces together.
5. Open it up and iron it to keep the middle from curving.
6. Using another color/piece of felt estimate how wide you want the top accent to be. This will be where your string goes. Cut accordingly and glue down each side leaving an unglued portion in the center for your string to be pulled through.
7. Cut off excess material.
8. Arrange your letters and iron them down.
9. Tie a piece of string or yarn to the end of a pencil or something similar and loop your string through the top accent piece.
10. Tie your string and you’re finished!